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Low Latency

Priority Hosting knows like no other that a good network is very important for a great game experience. To keep gamers happy and on a level playing field, we ensure you that lag time isn’t an issue in your game.


All our hardware is of the highest quality from manufactures such as Dell and Supermicro with advanced features such as remote KVM over IP and Virtual Media

24/7 Monitoring

Priority Hosting actively monitors all game servers and voice servers 24/7 in our global network to make sure they are online and are running with optimal performance, to ensure the best possible gaming experience.

Fast Support

At Priority Hosting we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best technical support possible. Our Support Team is made up of highly trained technical support people located right here.

Yuka (Spacebar Warriors)
We have been with Priority-Hosting Australia for nearly a year now and have received nothing but premium quality hosting...

Jeremy Duxbury (Exsto Gaming)
Priority Hostings servers have been great so far, they have performed way above the norm...